Final Post Of The Year

Hello and goodbye to the bloggers and the blog readers.

It is the end of the school year, so my class and I have decided to write a goodbye post, I will be back in the next school year, but for now, for the summer I will not be writing any posts. This year was fun, I was introduced into the amazing world of blogging. My favorite part of all of this blogging would be the student blogging challenge. Just kidding. My favorite part of this would have to be that we wrote about the most funny/embarrassing moment. It was fun writing it and it was also fun reading some of the moments my classmates had. It was fun writing all of this posts, and finding people i don’t know to talk to and put on my ‘Overseas Blogroll’ I saw some really cool names but the very unique ones are the ones i picked out. They might not seem cool or unique to you, but they were to me. The end of the school year is always a fun and exiting time. But it is also a scary time for report cars. I’m just not going to get into that topic right now. I would like to say thanks to all of the bloggers that had followed me on my journey for blogging and reading my story’s. The amount of time you put in to read my story’s, I thank you. Now I’m not the type of girl to be all sappy sweet girl. So, im not going to talk about stuff like that. SUBJECT CHANGE. The grade 8’s are having their graduation in 8 days. wow. I can’t believe how fast time flew by. I mean, I did have fun, but I can’t wait until next year when i’m the grade 8. But being a grade 7 has it’s moments because all of the grade 7’s in my class got to go to Muskoka Woods. We got to go on zip-lines and climb and go mountain biking, and all that fun stuff! All of the grade 7 girls got to share a cabin and all of the boys got to share a cabin. We made some pretty cool memories there. It had to be the best thing ever. We had to make a movie about it, and put in pictures about it, but there was over 1000 pictures to choose from! I think that this year was really fun. It was more than I expected but I enjoyed being in this class. I can’t wait for next year, and I can’t wait to blog again, But until then, have a good one!

Its Time To Say Goodbye… (week 10, activity 1)

Hello fellow bloggers! Its sad to say that this is the final blogging challenge until September/ October. This is activity 1 out of 2. I’m not very excited about not writing these anymore, but i’m kind of happy that I don’t need to worry if i’m up to date anymore. I hope you enjoy reading…
Good Bye
during this blogging challenge, I have done 28 activity’s, some of them were posts, and some of them were commenting or putting people into a blogroll. I’m happy to say that I have completed what I have, and not so proud of what I haven’t completed. I am so happy that my teacher introduced us to this website. I love writing blog posts and then people read it. I feel like someone actually cares about what i’m writing about. So, i’m going to get my friend look through my blog, and see what they say about it.

I have my friend Tess doing this for me. She says that her first impression of my blog was that it was it was one of the nicer blogs because it has a nice quote. She says that the fox on my blog and my name captured her attention most. Nothing distracted her on my blog. She says its really nice. So some things I could do to improve my blog is use use capitals on my ‘I’ and finish all of my blog posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post this week. shoutout to Tess for helping me with my blog this week and I hope you enjoyed reading! I really enjoyed writing these, but sadly, its over. Ill talk to you soon! byeeeee


My future (Week 9, Activity 1)

Hello fellow bloggers! Week nine is here and I am going to write about what i think my future is going to be about. I hope you enjoy reading this!

So my future I think is going to be about going to the University of Guelph or Ridgetown College. I think that i’m going to go there for being a veterinarian because I’ve always wanted to be that and I like animals a lot and it would be great if i could help save the lives of animals. I think I’m going to go to LK. (its a high school) and graduate from there then go to whatever one I choose to go to out of the college and university. I would want to work in Chatham or Wallaceburg. I would like to move out of my house when I go to college and move into an apartment building. Just because I really like apartment buildings and they seem cool in the shows and movies. I would get a job as a veterinarian, and when i got enough money, I would go house hunting. Once i found one, I would buy it and go on like nothing happened. The only thing that sucks about moving is when you have to put everything into place. Its very difficult, I had to help my Nana move one time. Let me tell you…. It sucked.

I hoped you enjoyed reading and give me a comment if you wanna. I hope you read more of my blog posts. Bye-Bye for now!

Soccer! (Week 7, activity 3)

Week 7 is here and we get to choose 3 activity’s out of 8, so i have chosen to research a board game, research ball games around the world and if i was stuck on an island with my family. I hope you enjoy! This time, im going to research about the game soccer.

More than 240 million people around the world play that ball game soccer. Soccer is called football in many other countries, but here in Canada, we call it Soccer. The game is used with only a ball. and your feet. its a very easy game and it is very fun to play. Soccer is the most played game in Europe and America. Soccer is a good game and that it comes from England actually. It’s a very nice game to play, but it can get a little rough at times. Soccer is a game where two teams try to get the ball in the other teams net. There are approximately eleven players on each team. There is a black and white ball that has polygons on it.

Thanks for reading bye!

Research! (week 7, activity 2)

Hello there fellow humans!

Week 7 is here and we get to choose 3 activity’s out of 8, so i have chosen to research a board game, research ball games around the world and if i was stuck on an island with my family. I hope you enjoy! This is the second post I’ve done.

I’ve chosen to research about Monopoly. Monopoly is a board game that can ruin your friends lives. It is a very frustrating game. The creator of the famous Monopoly is Elizabeth Magie. The game was meant for the Landlords but, the game became famous.

Thanks for reading. byeeeeeeeeee

(week 7, activity 1.) Island Fun!

Hello fellow blog readers and bloggers! Week 7 is here and we get to choose 3 activity’s out of 8, so i have chosen to research a board game, research ball games around the world and if i was stuck on an island with my family. I hope you enjoy!

So, the first one I’m going to go is to do the island one, because the other ones require research. If I was stuck on an island with my family with nothing but my clothes, I would make a tree fort, I mean, who wouldn’t? But I would get my dad and my two brothers help me take down some trees while mom is making a fire, and I would find palm leaves to help us stay warm at night and they could also possibly be the roof, but I would make the tree fort just big enough so that my family and I could live in it. It wouldn’t look the best, but it would do. After my brothers and dad took the trees down, I would begin building. I would take the tree branches and snap them off. Then I would make them all stand up as the walls, I would want to be like the movies, so I would think that something could hold the branches together, and it might work, so we’re just going to go with that. Then if I had any left over tree branches, I would cover the top and make a roof. If I didn’t, I would get some more palm leaves and cover the top. It would rain eventually, so I would go get a lot of palm leaves so we had enough, and there would be more there because we need somewhere to sleep, and no one in my family will sleep on the ground so, we would sleep on those. I would take some palm leaves and other things I found and try to make new clothes, and it probably wouldn’t work, so I would give up. I think that this is what I would do if I was stuck on an island, or I would just sit there and be bored, either one works.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I would do if I was stuck on an island with only my clothes and my family, I’ll talk to you laterrrr. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

survey or poll (week 6, activity 3)

this is a survey of your favorite toppings and food, its free for you to choose, Go ahead! try it!

week 6, Canada Food

Hello fellow people!

This week, we are doing the “Canadian foods”. So I chose to do poutine. Poutine is originally from Quebec, but Quebec is in Canada, so that would make the food Canadian. I personally think that poutine is amazing, and I wish that other country’s could taste it. It is honestly heaven. Poutine was made around the 1950’s and it originates from the restaurant, Le Lutin qui rit. This restaurant is in Warwick. A town North East of Montreal. The owner of poutine is named Fernand Lachance. Poutine is fires, covered in cheese curds and gravy. download (4)



Week 2, I Can Comment.

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be all about commenting. I think that it is nice when you comment on peoples blogs because it makes the person who wrote it, feel good because it is telling them that someone took the time to read what you wrote. I think that commenting is good and can be easy, but you need to construct a good comment. You want the author to think that you like it. If you do, even better! If you don’t, then let them think you do. It can be fun to comment, but that depends on what you write. If you write “that was soooo good bro, haha good story” The author will think that you’re not interested in what they had to say.

Thats all for this post, i hope you enjoyed. ‘Till next time. Bye!

A-Z Paragraph About Me.

Hello fellow bloggers, this activity is to comment things about yourself, it can be anything. I am going to write an a-z paragraph about myself. But remember this is for the student blogging challenge.  I’m going to get writing now.

Hi I am an awkward child who likes balloons. I like cheese like a lot and I am dare devil. My name is Emma, and I hate fish i am glamorous. duh. One of my good friends is named Holly I am inscrutable as you can tell.. i like jellybeans and kit-kat chocolate bars. When i am tired i get very loopy. I am in love with monkeys as well. I LOVE Netflix i am really odd, but that’s okay… I am a person…  I am not a quite person… at all.. i am a rambunctious person as well. I like to waste my life on Snapchat and twitter.  My friends think i’m unique.  i only like certain kinds of vegetables. when i was a little child  i used to call watermelon a cucumber.  I hate x-rays because they are scary. i like vanilla yogurt. I like zebras! 

that was my a-z paragraph! hope you enjoyed! byeeeeee


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